• Transparent PVC film

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    Transparent PVC film

    Transparent PVC film thickness 0,40 mm
    Highly transparent foil is great for sewing on a home machine. It does not fray, it is durable, has a smooth surface and is relatively hard.
    The transparent film is made of polyvinyl chloride. It has REACH certificates, it also meets the EN 71-3 standard, it is a slow-burning product.

    The film has a wide spectrum of applications in leather-making. The composition of the film has no harmful substances, including phthalates. The film is resistant to UV rays and negative temperatures up to -30 ° C.

    Highly transparent PVC foil we recommend:

    - for sewing handbags, vanity cases, transparent pockets, transparent elements,
    - in the toy industry,
    - for making hangers, windows, address cards or markings.

    You can also use them:

    - in the printing industry (for offset printing, lamination or welding),
    - in the form of window elements,
    - as an industrial curtain.

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    9,50 / FQ